The new iPhone 5 release is rumored for October 2011 with iOS 5 and every iPhone freak is expecting amazing new features in the new iPhone model. From an 8MP camera, A5 dual core processor, more storage and much more. According to the rumors features could also be innovative and never seen before like integrated Pico projector, free inbuilt apps, an iPhone model compatible to other platforms, 2 Sim Cards option etc.

The new iPhone model will be an evolution of previous iPhone's core design and shall come out in White as well, which looks more feminine and provide options in iPhone color for consumers as well. The latest iPhone game “Infinity Blade” has set a new record and it has managed to bring profits within a week of release on the Apple Store.

With the release of iPhone 5 in October, 2011, Apple is looking forward to use its newer version of the iOS mobile operating system, the iOS 5. Apple is looking forward to address problems, iPhone had with the previous version on the phone. The new iPhone 5 has more than 200+ features which includes notification center through which tracking of alerts and notifications is made convenient by tracking all the alerts in one place.

Apple's reliability in releasing new hardware when due is much upto the mark. Researchers at Apple iPhone labs are working round the clock looking to release updated iPhone hardware, software and new models for consumers keeping the market trend and retainability in mind.

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