The two types of touch screen used in iPhone are; Capacitive Touch Screen – Uses a layer of capacitive material which holds electric charge, touching the screen changes the amount of charge stored at the specific point of contact. Likewise, in Resistive Touch Screen, the pressure from the finger causes touching of conductive and resistive layers of the circuit causing change in circuit’s resistance.

Virtual keyboard on the screen of iPhone presents a smooth flow of the text input. Being an intelligent influence, inbuilt apps for iPhone helps to overcome detailing mistakes with dynamic dictionary and spell check procedure.

Some of the best reviews of iPhone are about the touch screen which is considered to be the best touch screen experiences on a smart phone. The iPhone touch screen allows moving text or text bodies by a touch-drag and lifting motion of the finger. The iPhone touch screen problems have been addressed by Apple by providing touch screen replacement option at the Apple Stores in India and also there are self help kits available on Amazon for the same.


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