Basic definition of an iPhone is that “an iPhone is a multimedia device which has its internet enabled- supported functioning by GSM/3G/4G: produced and marketed by the Apple Incorporation.” An iPhone is a thin device; with dimensions of 9.3 mm thickness and with a look of a tablet. With a 3.5 inch Retina display of 640 * 940 pixels, the iPhone promises to take us on a ride never experienced before. The specialty about the iPhone is the fact that it does not use a hardware keyboard or a stylus. This is organized by a system that Apple renders as "Multitouch". for the purpose of navigation; a user simply has to tap a multiple times and drags: following the desired path- through a mobile version of Apple's OS-X operating system.

If we compare iPhone with other smart/android phones available today, there are a lot of features which put the Apple iPhone in the lead. What makes iPhone special is the fact that almost every part is custom-made by Apple to maximize the performance of the phone, be it the Retina display Touch Screen or the battery which is powerful enough to support all the apps and features made available on 3G/4G networks.

In India Apple iPhone is available in black or white which is available in four models, namely iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. The iPhone comes fully loaded with a range of media management software and various communication software which include: iTunes, iPhoto and Apple's Safari Web browser. Google's search and mapping services are fully integrated- including the ability to initiate phone calls from within Google Maps.

Some of the new/upgraded features in the Apple iPhone 5 which we expect to see are:

photo editing services